Fred’s Charities

For Fred Katz supporting charitable organizations has been an ongoing pursuit for the greater part of his adult life. Raised in a family where volunteer work and involvement in charitable organizations was just a part of life, Fred has carried on his families traditions. As well as giving of his own time, he also acknowledges the need to ensure that our upcoming generation will be there in the future to continue to support the many different organizations that depend on the volunteer sector to thrive.

These are a few of his latest charities of choice , we have provided links in the event that you may want to partner with Fred in his support of these well deserving groups.

Rotary Club of Edmonton

Rotary Club of Edmonton has been top of Fred’s list for the past 16 years, his involvement includes being Chair of Friends of Rotary, New Members Committee & District Conference Committee. Their continued strong charitable involvement of both local & International involvement in humanitarian aid continues to capture a large piece of Fred’s charitable time and efforts. (visit website)

Catholic Social Services

Having met director Marc Barylo 8 years ago, and learning of the impact Catholic Social Services has on over 60,000 Edmonton people each year, providing social services of people of all faiths & cultures, it is an honor to partner with them in providing his photographic services in hopes of helping them reach their humanitarian goals. (visit website)

Kids in the Hall

A partner of E4C’s initiative, Kids in the Hall’s goal is to provide training of at risk youth with life skills and employment skills. Having sat on the Fund Development board for 4 years gave Katz a bird’s eye view of success of this Edmonton born program.

Jewish National Fund

Being Jewish is not only a religious faith, its a way that you live your life, Fred’s involvement has been ongoing for the past 30 years. (visit website)

Fashion for Compassion

Providing housing for cancer patients out of town patients while they receive treatment. Compassion house is not government funded, but relies on funding from the community and fundraisers which Fred is proud to have been a part of since 2001. (visit website)

Women of Vision

Having been a 8 year sponsor and “Official Photographer” for this amazing organization which honors exceptional women from all walks life is a great opportunity to meet the women who impact our lives and change our world to make it a better place to live.


A local radio station that relies on community support,CKUA fulfills a love of music with a strong support of local musicians & original programming. Fred enjoys his volunteer participation by being a part of their annual fundraising for the past 14 years. (visit website)

The Support Network

One of Fred’s newest partners in the fundraising network that makes Edmonton a wonderful place to live, The Support Network provides resources and support to the people of Northern Alberta who are in crisis situations. Fred hosted a fundraiser in our little studio to mark the beginning of this ongoing partnership. (visit website)

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