Wedding Tips

In commissioning a photographer to create your wedding portraits, There are two main things you are shopping for:

  1. Style and quality of work
  2. A photographer whose personality you are comfortable with.

Under the area of style and quality, look for imagination.

  • Do the portraits look comfortable (not stiff)?
  • Is the colour and lighting pleasing?
  • If you like black/white photography and hand-coloured images, does the photographer show this?
  • Are you happy with the level of finish (i.e. retouching, no apparent skin glare, tired eyes or blemishes)?
  • Are the portraits presented nicely in a finished package?
  • Are they standard albums or leather albums?

The finish and presentation are directly proportional to the price the studio charges for the work that you will receive.

The photographer – first and foremost – if the studio has several photographers doing weddings, meet personally with the photographer that would be doing your assignment and be sure that the work you view is that photographers work.

My philosophy is that clients are interested in my style of Wedding portraiture and trusting me to be a part of your wedding, to capture their images forever.

Fred Katz is a Master Photographer, having received his accreditation in 1981, one of the youngest photographers in Canada to receive this award. He has for four consecutive years, 1999-2002 won Alberta’s Wedding Album Competition for Photographic Excellence. Specialties include Black/White Photography, hand Coloring and Water Color Works. Creating Fine Art Portraiture.

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